D&E 2012 ‘Out of Control’ approaching fast!

In a bit more than a week, we will start the 8th International Conference on Design & Emotion, at Central Saint Martin’s in London, UK. In the course of the past months the tension and excitement has mounted up to the level that we can’t stand waiting another minute for it to kick off.

The conference proceedings will include over 110 papers, posters and case studies, 7 keynote speakers, exhibitions, perfumery installations by International Flavors and Fragrances and a soon to be released supercar from McLaren Automotive. Full programme can be downloaded here.

Two more reasons to join us:

1. Six diverse and exciting workshops on Sept. 11

While Design & Emotion is the overarching focus of the conference (allowing us to consider all aspects of the relationship between human experience and design understood in its widest senses) the theme this year is  “Out of Control”. This year’s large collection of workshops you can choose from is definitely out of control, with topics ranging from logic, social dilemmas and cooperative behaviour, to well-being in healthcare, changing food related behaviour, and a touch of relationship counceling, digital love, empathy & conflict resolutions, to even death and loss. Can it be more diverse and interesting? We didn’t think so either ;-)

For a number of years, uncertainty, crisis and chaos have been keywords describing the experience of many of us. A world driven by uncertainty, crisis and chaos demands different responses from design (as a community, a practice and a process). On one hand we can mitigate against these designing systems which can withstand, or manage, the challenges they produce. Here there is a focus upon design as a “problem-solving” activity. On the other, we can use them as springboards to a creative future. In this way, design as “opportunity mapping” becomes important.
We would like to encompass both of these approaches to design and to examine how they impact upon, or are generated by, the whole spectrum of human emotion experienced at the macro (socio-cultural), micro (personal), meta (philosophical), processural (methodological) and strategic levels. This conference is open to any theoretical, empirical or methodological work on Design & Emotion and papers have been accepted from researchers, academics and practitioners.

2. Have a look at the top-of-the-bill line up of keynote speakers

This year’s line up of keynote speakers can be described as interesting, diverse and most definitely exciting with speakers such as Dr. Michael Apter (Apter International), Hussein Chalayan (Puma), Ron Dennis (McLaren), Bernardo Flemming (IFF), Clive Grinyer (Cisco), Cecilia Weckström (LEGO) and Declan O’Carroll – Group Leader at Arup Associates.