• Prof. Marc Hassenzahl winner of SLOW GLOW AWARD 2016

    During the 10th conference on Design & Emotion in Amsterdam, for the 4th time the Slow Glow award was handed out by Marco van Hout of D&E.

Awards, 8th International Conference on Design & Emotion, London 11-14 sept. 2012


Best PAPER award

Steven Fokkinga & Pieter Desmet (TU Delft, dept. of Industrial Design Engineering)

Meaningful Mix or Tricky Conflict? - A categorization of mixed emotional experiences and their usefulness for design

Best PRESENTATION award (nominees and winner)

Mathieu Gielen and Liselotte van Leeuwen (TU Delft) (Co-author Diane Westwood)
Controlling Experience or Experiencing Control?

[WINNER] Thomas Troch (Insites Consulting) (Co-author Tom de Ruyck)
Nightlife Journey of Clubbers Inspires Emerging Designers to Develop a Visionary Concept Club

Simone Rebaudengo (TU Delft) (Co-authors Walter Aprile and Paul Hekkert)
Addicted Products. A Scenario of Future Interactions Where Products are Addicted to Being Used

Best DESIGN CASE award

Ben Hagenaars (MAD-faculty Genk, Belgium. Research Group: Social Spaces)
Animation Vegetation

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