• 9th D&E Conference

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Last call for registration for D&E2014! Closes Sept 1st

25 August 2014

Since this conference was first established in 1999, the field has evolved tremendously and the theme of emotion has become a household name within the design discourse. Thanks to a passionate community of practitioners, scholars and people from industry that attend our bi-annual conferences and keep the discussion fresh and relevant. We invite you to attend (once again) this exciting and unique conference and we hope to welcome you to the evenly exciting and colorful city of Bogota, Colombia. Do not miss out!

Last call for registration for D&E2014! Closes Sept 1st

Second event UK chapter - Loughborough June 13

26 May 2014

Second event UK chapter - Loughborough June 13 As a second UK local chapter event the Design & Emotion Society has teamed up with Radar, Loughborough University Arts and the international innovation agency DesignThinkersGroup. The event encompasses an afternoon of exciting presentations that examine the bridge between product attachment and designed experiences. This free event is aimed at design professionals, artists and academics, who are interested in creating emotional connections through objects and experiences. It will be a great opportunity to network, share ideas and learn more about experience driven design. Includes speakers Cécile B. Evans, Mark Selby and Holly Gramazio.

Three speakers will share their experiences, extending the research and outputs generated as part of Product Pleasure, a programme of artists’ commissions exploring how products can create sensorial, emotional and meaningful experiences.

Commissioned artist Cécile B. Evans will reflect upon How happy a Thing can be, a new sculptural and video based work informed by the research of Dr Samantha Porter, Senior Lecturer at Loughborough Design School. The event will include a film screening of How happy a Thing can be, followed by an in-conversation with Cécile and project collaborators.

Designer and researcher Mark Selby will share his research investigating ways that material objects might shape our engagement with personal experiences. From a serendipitous encounter with a forgotten photograph, to a vase shattered by an earthquake on the other side of the world, what new opportunities for meaning and reflection might we find between the material and immaterial?
Game designer Holly Gramazio will draw upon her experiences of making work for public spaces, exploring the intersection of game design with other cultural forms. Holly’s contribution will focus on objects in gameplay, questioning how physical items can become invested with emotions and what it means for these objects once the game is over.

The event will be followed by drinks and a light buffet in which speakers and audience can carry on the conversation.

You can find more detailed information on the speakers here:http://www.arts.lboro.ac.uk/radar/project/product_pleasure/evoking_emotion_objects_experience/


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