Call for contributions D&E2016

13 November 2015

Call for contributions D&E2016 The International Design & Emotion Society, together with Delft University of Technology, University of Twente, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Design Academy Eindhoven, and Waag Society are pleased to invite researchers, design practitioners, and the general public interested in the cross-disciplinary field of design and emotion to participate in and attend the 10th International Conference on Design & Emotion in Amsterdam, September 27-30 of 2016.

Design and emotion has been consistently the conference’s overarching theme. With the conference’s current motto “Celebration & Contemplation,” we celebrate our tenth anniversary and take the opportunity to reflect on our raison d’être for the next 15 years. We invite original contributions aligned (but not limited) to the following eight conference topics:

Ambiguity: Designing rich experiences, irony, and uncomfortable interactions
Provocation:Design activism, future prototyping, and positive speculation
Well-being: Design for social behavior, ethics, happiness, and personal values
Beauty: Design aesthetics, materials, and the senses
Embodiment: Design ubiquity, internet, tangibility, and embedded computing
Poetry: Designing openness, drama, emotional durability, and storytelling
Empathy: Design for inclusion, participation, and co-design
Spirituality: Design for mindfulness, memories, trust experiences, and awe

Please visit the conference website for the complete call! We hope to see you in Amsterdam!

Design & Emotion 2016 in Amsterdam!

13 November 2015

Design & Emotion 2016 in Amsterdam!

On behalf of the board of the Design & Emotion Society, Paul Hekkert outlines the conference theme in the following testimonial:


Dear members and friends,

The Design & Emotion conference that will be held in Amsterdam in September next year will show a delightful ambiguity. To start with, we will celebrate the 10th edition of an initiative that had its origin 15 years ago at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Back in 1999, the Design & Emotion Society was the instigator of a new and –for the design discipline– very relevant field of research. Over the last 15 years, this field of research has evolved into areas such as design for experience, user experience, multi-sensory design, design for well-being, etc., and has become both accepted and widely spread. At several design research conferences, a separate experience design track has become commonplace. At the same time, in recent decades, other specific experience-related platforms have emerged.

This fact brings us to the second part of the dichotomy. The 9 previous conferences aimed at facilitating dialogue among practitioners, researchers and industry in order to integrate salient themes of emotional experience into the design profession – the mission statement of the society. After 9 successful conferences on 4 continents, we can confidently say that we have succeeded in this. At the 10th conference in the Netherlands, we will continue our efforts in bringing together design practitioners, researchers and industry. We will again invite the D&E community to present their latest work and we will welcome both cutting-edge designers as well as ground breaking researchers as keynote speakers. But we also would like to think about our raison d’être for the next 15 years.

That is why the theme of the Amsterdam conference will be:


We went from being the rookie in the field to –and this sounds scary– belonging to the establishment. This 10th edition on our home ground is an excellent moment to discuss the next 15 years. Wouldn’t it be interesting to explore new territories and to experiment with our friends? The Design & Emotion community has proven to be dedicated and committed, the ideal group in a relevant discussion like this. Therefore, we will invite 8 thought leaders to host theme oriented sessions with members of the community, during which possible future directions for the Design & Emotion Society will be explored and discussed. The outcomes of the sessions will be aggregated, and we aim to present a new framework for the mission statement at the closing ceremony of the conference. Ambitious? Maybe, but also challenging. It is our great pleasure to invite you to join the conference next year, and to participate in the discussion in order to create a solid basis for the next 10 conferences.

Looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!

Paul Hekkert
Chairman of the D&E board

Alessi wins Slow Glow award at D&E2014!

30 October 2014

Official press release:

During the 9th Design and Emotion Conference in Bogotá / Colombia, for the 3rd time the Slow Glow Award was handed out, this time to the Italian company Alessi.

The chair of the jury, Paul Hekkert stated the following:

This time, and for the first time, the winner of the award is an organization, an organization that keeps astonishing us since its foundation in 1921, an organization that is present in almost every household around the globe, an organization that incessantly delights us with emotionally rich designs and clever metaphors, an organization that commissioned the best designers and architects and inspired them to come up with their smartest designs, an organization that never fails to charm, amuse and surprise us, an organization that brings us daily comfort and consolation. At a conference with a motto “colours of care”, we could not award a better candidate than the one of the most colorful of all companies around the world: Alessi.

The award was handed over by Design & Emotion chairman Professor Paul Hekkert to Tomasso Cardana – agent for Alessi in Latin America and Rodrigo Torres – industrial designer from Colombia who has designed some of the icons of the Alessi collection.

The Slow Glow award is granted biannually by the board of the Design & Emotion Society. It is awarded to a person or organisation that has made an excellent and long lasting contribution to the field of design and emotion and whose work has made a profound impact to our understanding of the experience of everyday things and has consistently and authentically shown us how to design for a world that is very much worth living in. In 2010, the first award was handed out to design researcher Jodi Forlizzi and in 2012 the board granted the award to critical designer Anthony Dunne...

The award is named after the lamp, designed by NL-Architects and sold under the Droog Design label.

Bogotá, October 2014

In the photo: from left to right: Tomasso Cardana (Alessi agent), right: Rodrigo Torres (designer), Gianni Bardini (Italian Ambassador in Colombia) and Paul Hekkert (chair of the Design & Emotion Society)

Alessi wins Slow Glow award at D&E2014!


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