• Prof. Marc Hassenzahl winner of SLOW GLOW AWARD 2016

    During the 10th conference on Design & Emotion in Amsterdam, for the 4th time the Slow Glow award was handed out by Marco van Hout of D&E.

Design & Emotion Society | UK Chapter Launch

Hosted by:
Loughborough Design School and DesignThinkers Group
Thursday 9th May 2013
17:00 - 20:00
Loughborough Design School, University of Loughborough

The Design & Emotion Society raises issues and facilitates dialogue internationally among practitioners, researchers, and industry in order to integrate salient themes of emotional experience into the design profession. This event will launch the new UK chapter of the society and is designed to bring together existing UK society members and introduce potential new members and like-minded people. This event is for professionals and academics from any design discipline, and for those in industry who seek to create emotional connections with customers using their products and services.


Professor Paul Hekkert - Design & Emotion

Paul is Chairman of the Design & Emotion Society and is professor of form theory at Delft University of Technology, chairing the section ‘Design Aesthetics’ and supervising a research group carrying out research on our sense perception and (emotional) experience of products. He is also adjunct professor at the School of Design of Swinburne University, Melbourne. He has published on product experience and aesthetics in major international journals and is co-editor of Design and Emotion: The experience of everyday things [2004] and Product experience [2008]. In his talk Paul will explain why the Design & Emotion society was established in 1999 and what its aims have been from the early days, and go on to describe what design and emotion, variously named 'design for emotion' or 'design for experience', entails and illustrate this with some examples.

Website: http://studiolab.ide.tudelft.nl/studiolab/hekkert/

Patrick W. Jordan - Designing Dreams

Patrick is a design, marketing and brand strategist. He consults for many of the world’s most successful companies and is considered to be one of the most influential practitioners in his field. He has had a successful academic career and has held the Nierenberg Chair at Carnegie-Mellon University, considered to be the most prestigious design education appointment in the USA, and was Chair of Design and Marketing at the University of Leeds. He is also a successful author with six best-selling books, including the highly influential Designing Pleasurable Products and How to Make Brilliant Stuff that People Love.
In his talk Patrick will describe how the global economy has gone through different eras. Previously, we have had the Commodity Economy, the Manufacturing Economy, the Service Economy and the Information Economy. Now, he argues, we have the Dream Economy. People’s purchase choices are increasingly based on their dreams and aspirations. Understanding people, their values, their hopes and their lifestyles is the key to success in the Dream Economy. Patrick will illustrate his theories by looking at products and services that make a genuine difference to people’s lives and at some of the key design principles behind them.

Website: http://www.patrickwjordan.com/about.php


Registration and opportunity to view the new Loughborough Design School Building
18:00 Welcome and Introduction - Samantha Porter of Loughborough Design School and James Rock of DesignThinkers Group.
18:15 Professor Paul Hekkert - Chairman of Design & Emotion Society.
18:45 Patrick W. Jordan - Design Practitioner, Academic, and Author.
Networking Drinks & Buffet


Design & Emotion Society: http://www.designandemotion.org
Loughborough Design School: http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/lds/
DesignThinkers Group: http://www.designthinkersgroup.com

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